High End Load Balances and Main Streaming Servers @ Discounted Prices

If you run an IPTV service or are thinking about getting into it, there are many factors you should understand. IPTV, in most cases, is illegal and you have agencies attacking and blocking your service constantly. When a load balancer becomes blocked by an ISP, your viewers will not be able to access your service. Agents are known to sign up as customers just to grab your server DNS and IPs so they can have them blocked, once an agent is in your system, it is almost impossible to find and remove that agent.

Our load balancers and streaming servers are bulletproof against any attack or investigation. All servers are Ukraine based, away from the jurisdiction of the European IPTV laws. We also provide a complete dedicated switching IP range with each server, some 200+ active proxy IPs per server auto switching every 3 minutes, making it impossible for an agent to block your service, even if they obtain every DNS in the system. We don’t resell servers, we own the datacenter, we are in full control of the entire infrastructure from the metal box to the ISP.

Bandwidth consumers worldwide benefit from our network. Media companies, cloud service providers, and storage providers know where to find us. Because of our security, ultra-low latency, and the gigantic amount of bandwidth with only 45% utilization. Our intelligent architecture also ensures flexible and highly redundant international network routes. This network meets every need in terms of network traffic, peak load, and growth ambitions. Our world-class facilities offer you multilayered security, 2N power redundancy, high energy-efficiency (PUE: 1.15), compliance (ISO 27001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 & PCI-DSS), and much more.

Xtream Codes was the original IPTV software that would be used to control every aspect of your IPTV business. The software would be installed on a main server and load balances would be added to the main server through the software. Streams would be added, resellers and sub sellers. A credit system and log system. Xtream Codes was closed down a long time ago and since then, many developers have taken the software and tried to make it better but without much success.

We bring to you Xtream Codes Re-Coded! We have taken the most stable original version of Xtream Codes and developed it from top to bottom, it is almost completely new code but with all the original layouts and functions working fully. Added to this version, we have implemented our anti-agent blocking system, an automated process that runs only with our load balances. You will order from us a load balancer and simply add the load balancer IP address to the system, it will function immediately, automatically balancing the channel loads and blocking potential agents, switching IPs every 3 minutes.

  • Original layout of the most popular Xtream Codes version, simple to use and feature packed.
  • Automated agent blocking system, IP switching every 3 minutes with over 200 IPs per load balancer as standard.
  • Secured HTTPS across the entire system from main to the load balancers.
  • Automated GPU transcoding to ensure that your channels are delivered in H264 / AAC format, no matter what the source inputs.
  • Automatic channel balancing and probing across all LBs to optimize delivery and zapping speed.
  • Save money on connections, the only IP address your source will see is one connection from main server, no matter how many load balances you have.
  • Fiber 10 Tbit/s network, ultra-low latency, no loss of connection quality or channel loading speeds, no matter where your end user is in the world.
  • Remain completely anonymous, we only require a username, password and payment in Bitcoin or Ethereum the day your system is due for renewal.
  • Automated reseller credit ordering. Just add your crypto addresses in the panel and the system will verify the payment on the blockchain and issue the credits ordered to your reseller or sub seller. 100% of the payment goes into your chosen wallet(s).
  • Automated VOD system. No need to upload anything, we provide you with over 2 million and growing movies and series from our main VOD server that updates with the latest movies and episodes in real time across our network. VOD server is optional and at an extra cost.
  • Fast delivery, only 2 blockchain confirmations required and your system will be setup within 2 to 6 hours.
  • Almost fully automated IPTV system, leave it to run and concentrate on the more important things, such as watching crypto land in your wallet!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free trial or demo?

No we don’t. Our servers are high end servers, anywhere else you would be paying over 3 times the price for this system. Would you offer a free trial to a customer during a PPV fight?

If I’m not happy, can I get a refund?

No because you will be happy and due to the volatility of crypto, we do not offer refunds in any shape or form. Take out a smaller plan to test and we guarantee you will be happy enough to switch every customer and reseller over to us. We will even migrate you over from your current service provider at no extra cost. We are experts in this business, you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Can I purchase a load balancer without a main?

Sure you can, however, we will offer zero support for using the attached 200+ IPs that come as standard with each load balancer we provide, if you are using another system other than our ours. Our load balancers come with a main server as standard with our system pre-installed. You can reinstall the load balancer should you wish to use it with any other system, however, you would need to also re-attach the IPs and we cannot help with any other system than our own. If you are just looking for a lower cost LB for your service, no problem at all, reinstall the OS and attach the IPs.

How long will it take me to get my server after payment?

After 2 blockchain confirmations, our system will automatically begin installing your new panel and attaching the load balancers and IPs. ETA is around 2 to 6 hours. 1 LB 2 hours, 4 LBs 6 hours.

Do you have any sales support?

No we don’t. Everything you need to know is written on this page. We assure you that when you purchase our system, it will be the very best you have ever used and you will never look back!

How many customers can connect to 1 load balancer?

All of our servers run on a 10GBP/s unmetered private port. You get the full 10GBP/s as your own per load balancer. Each server can take around 4,500 viewers with our automated transcoding which converts FHD streams to SD size without loss of quality. Bandwidth is more expensive than GPU transcoders so we use a lot of GPUs to maximize bandwidth and lower the costs for our customers.

Why are your servers so cheap?

We make our system cost effective. ISP bandwidth is expensive, GPU transcoding is cheap. Our system automatically transcodes every channel from FHD to SD output, cutting bandwidth used down by a third. This allows you to have more viewers per LB without any degradation of service. Your viewers will also notice faster loading channels because they are coming in at around 1.5mbs instead of 6mbs. Less drop outs, less buffering, faster zapping and the same quality as FHD played at SD levels of output. We not only save you money but we also offer your customers a much better service, you will see a high increase in renewals and almost zero problems, as long as you have a good source!

Do you supply channels?

No, you need your own channel providers / source.

Can you migrate my VOD library?

No need, we have the largest VOD library already that you will find with over 2 million movies and series updated constantly. You will never need to worry about maintaining your own VOD library anymore. Just purchase a plan with the VOD server and never look back!


Choose a plan, make payment and wait patiently for 2 to 6 hours for an email with your new panel or server logins.